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LIFF AND BENVIE Liff and Benvie
Liff and Benvie
Liff and Benvie
Liff and Benvie
Liff and Benvie
Liff and Benvie
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049; 053; 054 [Situation] In the south end of Forfarshire
An united parish in the south-west extremity of Forfarshire and south-east of Perthshire, bounded on the north by Auchterhouse on the north-east by Strathmartin and Mains on the east by Dundee on the south by the Frith of Tay and on the south-west and west by Perthshire. It is about 3¾ miles by 1¾ stretching north and south. The surface rises in general from the Tay and forms on the west a fertile tract adjoining the Carse of Gowrie. The soil in the southern division is either clay or a black coloured loam and towards the north it is in general light and sandy and rests occasionally on rock or mortar. The eastern division approaching within 1½ mile of the burgh of Dundee, the lands of it pay high rents and enjoy every appliance of improvement. Freestone abounds in the parish. The parish is in the presbytery of Dundee and Synod of Angus and Mearns Patron Earl Gray Liff and Benvie were united in 1758. There are no detached portions of this parish nor are there any detached portions of other parishes within Liff & Benvie. - A small portion of the parish on the southern side belongs to Perthshire but is not detached.

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Parish of Liff and Benvie

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