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Lintrathen; &c. that the boundaries in
this district were well examined at
the time, as I know them to have been,
the Ordnance Surveyor (M. Harraghy)
and Examiner (Corpl. [Corporal] Black) were of
our best class of men.
I am quite satisfied of
the accuracy of this Boundary which
should not be disputed.

I am, Sir
yours faithfully,
(Signed) John Bayly
Colonel R.E. [Royal Engineers]

You must not always suppose that
where the Trigl. [Trigonometrical] Stations are, consequent-
-ly indicate the highest point of the
hills. Various considerations connected
with the Triangulation determine the
position, and as a matter of fact,
the altitudes are not known until
after the observations from the selected
stations have been taken. The
particular spot where the Pole may
be fixed is quite arbitrary.
(Initd. [Initialled]) J.B.

J. Stormonth Darling. Esqre.
&c. &c.

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