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[Lefthand Column 1:]

It does not appear
that any Sketch Map was
prepared shewing the
boundary between the
northern division of Kir-
riemuir and Lintrathen
and I cannot find out
from any source the
B. R. B. [Boundary Remark Book] (if there be one) con-
taining the boundary re-
ferred to. I have looked
through the indexes of the
B. R. [Boundary Remark] Books in MS. [Manuscript] Store, and
have made enquiries of
the Examination Dept. [Department]
but without result.
Col. [Colonel] Cameron
R.E. [Royal Engineers]
[Signed] J.P. Montgomery
Sergt. RE [Sergeant Royal Engineers]

[Righthand Column 2:]

Colonel Bayly
I suppose this
part of the
boundary was inserted
by the Examiner
& not inserted in
a perambulation book?
[Signed] J. Cameron
Col. RE [Colonel Royal Engineers]

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