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Battle Cairns
Battle Cairns
Battle Cairns
Battle Cairns
New Statistical Account
Andrew Wallace, Crossgates
James Mathers Crossgates
Mr. Lyall, Factor
Reverend Mr Walker
034 "In the Battle Drum Wood there are many cairns or circular heaps of moor stones. They lie chiefly in two lines which are parallel to the Drum or ridge of the hill on the north and to the Battle Drum on the south, and they might be enclosed within two acres of ground, A little farther east, but not in this Parish, there are also the Battle Cairn & the Battle Well, additional memorials of an event which has now no other record than those Names and appearances. Tradition calls it a battle between the Picts and the Romans - perhaps because the common name of the Moor is Monroman although most probably that name is a corruption of Monthrewmont & consequently of much later date than the Cairns. The Battle Burn is said to have flowed with blood as far as Fithie
New Statl. [Statistical] Account

The Battle Cairns as pointed out on the ground by Andrew Wallace, Crossgates, are covered with turf but they are remarkable objects even as they are at present on the ground. There are four Cairns near the Well & the rest are upon the Battle Drum, a ridge which runs parallel with the Battle Burn & which has an avenue
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