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MONTREATHMONT MOOR Montreathmonth Muir
Montreathmonth Muir
Montroman Muir
Montromon Muir
Montromon Moor
Monthrewmont and Monroman Moor

Montreathmont Moor
Montreathmont Moor
Montreathmont Moor
Estate Plan copied from original Plan of Muir made at the time it was allocated to the different adjoining Estates. Original Plan in possession of Sheriffs Clerk, Forfar
Reverend Mr. Walker Ph. [Parish] minister
Estate Plan of South Esk adjoining the Muir
Advertising Bills
County Map
New Statistical Account
(See authorities for this Name in adjoining Parishes of Kirkden and Guthrie)
Mr. Charles Lyall Factor
Earl Southesk, Proprietor
Revd. [Reverend] Mr. Walker Ph. [Parish] Minister
034 An extensive tract of Moorland now planted with fir trees which was formerly a Common but now divided among the numerous Estates adjoining.
This Muir extends eastwards to Greenlaw in Farnell Parish; west to Turin in Aberlemno, North to Ardivie in Brechin; and south as far as Guthrie Ph. [Parish]. The above information is given on the authority of Mr Mather, retired Forrester of South-Esk Estate.
Montromon is the ordinary mode of spelling this name on South Esk Estate as stated by Mr. Lyall, Factor, but he recommends the adoption of Montreathmonth as given upon the original Plan of the Muir. Every Estate has its own spelling of the Name. (See adjoining Parishes of Guthrie and Kirkden)

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Co. [County] Forfar -- Kinnell Parish

(As adopted on plan 40-1
Parishes of Kirkden & Guthrie)

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