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New Statl. [Statistical] Account
Land of the Lindsays
Mr. Airth Windsor
Mr. Buick Vane
Mr. Doig Hilton of Fearn
Mr Tosh, Wellford
Mr Robertson, Schoolmaster
026 "Until very lately three Laws were visible in the Parish - Hilton Windsard & Drumcoth Law. The materials of the last two have been removed. Many Urns & some of them entire, have been found in the vicinity of the last which allows a conjecture that there may may have been fighting on the adjacent fields" New Statl. [Statistical] Account.
"It is certain that nothing has been found on the Law of Windsor or Ferne (as the conspicuous Knoll on the farm of Hilton is indiscriminately called) within the last half century, which in any way relates to prehistoric times, though the appearance of the place seems not only to indicate an artificial origin, but has much of the peculiarity of the conical-shaped barrows. These ancient sepulchral tumuli are rare &c" Land of the Lindsays.
The Law which is near Windsor is sometimes referred to as the Law of Windsor though upon the lands of Hilton. It is a mistake in the N. Statl. [New Statistical] Account that the
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