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GREENS OF SHANDFORD Greens of Shandford
Greens of Shandford
Greens of Shandford
Mr. Stocks Factor
Mr. Dalgetty, Shandford
D McFarlane Laytack
This is a new name as applied to the house (which is also recently erected) to which it is written on the Examination Trace, but in the Country around the head of the stream, flowing from the north west of Drumbeg to the farm & dam of Balquharn, has always borne the name "Greens of Shandford". As the portion of land actually belonging to the Greens is being reclaimed, the name is adopted to the house in preference on the Examination Trace, as it (the house) is to bear the name in future in the documents of the Estate of Fearn. The information respecting the adoption of the name to the new house is given upon the personal authorities quoted. The house is not a farm steading nor intended as such. It belongs to the Shandford farm.

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