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LEDENHENDRIE'S CHAIR Ledenhendrie's Chair
Ledenhendrie's Chair
Ledenhendrie's Chair
Ledenhendrie's Chair
Ledenhendrie's Chair
Ledenhendrie's Chair
Land of the Lindsays
Mr. Tosh, Wellford
Mr. Mitchell, Afflochie
A. Mcfarlane, Laytack
J. Duncan, Auchnacree
D. McFarlane, Afflochie
026 This name applies to a ledge of rock at the extremity of a ridge above the Paphrie, on the north side. It takes its name from a place in the neighbourhood which was occupied by a person famous for having defeated some Chieftan raider or robber in Lethnot at the well known "battle of Saughs". This person - Macintosh of Ledenhendrie - was according to the "Land of the Lindsays" afterwards saved from a treacherous ambush by hiding in the rock which has since been called "Ledenhendrie's Chair", and is, as well as the history of its origin, now well known (See Ledenhendrie Authorities for Trace 25-4 - The Battle or Raid of Saughs is mentioned by the author of the Land of the Lindsays as "the most important historical tradition of Ferne" and Macintosh of Ledenhendrie, as leader in that affair against the Raiders, is a name cherished in the countryside at the present time. The date of the encounter is variously fixed from 1703 to 1711 which the writer mentions

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Ledenhenrie's Chair
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