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FERN DEN Fearn Den
Fearn Den
Fearn Den
Fearn Den
Ferne Den
Ferne Den
Fern Den
Mr Robertson Schoolmaster
Mr. Stocks, Factor
Mr. Tosh, Wellford
William Gibb, Gamekeeper
Land of the Lindsays
Ballads of the "Ghaist of Ferne Den"
A.W. Myles Esqre., County Clerk, Forfar
025 The author of the "Land of the Lindsays", speaking of the Manse & Kirk of Fearn, says they are "beautifully situated on an isolated hillock in the middle of a romantic den, which, although now rendered lovely by the attention which the present venerable minister &c. has bestowed upon it, was an uncultivated wild at the beginning of this century shaded only with brushwood among which the hazel and the arn, or alder, predominated. The Den is famous, like Brandy Den, in connexion with Ghaists or Goblins of which several rhymes have been made. The extent of the Den may be seen from the slopes which enclose it.
Ghaist Stane
Land of the Lindsays
Mr Robertson, Schoolmaster
025 The "Ghaist Stane" (on the authorities opposite) formerly well known is becoming little known from the stone having been recently blasted in making the Dike it now forms a part of, but it may be observed in the wall as a huge stone much larger than those beside it in the Dike. It does not project now from the side of the Road.

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