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FARNELL MILL (Corn) [Millton] Farnell Mill (Corn)
Farnell Mill (Corn)
Farnell Mill (Corn)
Mr. Lyall, Factor
Mr. Webster Schoolmaster
Mr. W Robertson, Tenant
034 A Meal or Corn Mill at Farnell, or properly, the Mill of Farnell for there is no village of Farnell, the "Millton" & Mill, School, Church & Manse being the only houses. There is no flour made in "Farnell Mill"
MILLTON Millton Mr. Lyall, Factor
Mr. Webster Schoolmaster
Mr. W Robertson
034 This name applies to the Mill and to a couple of cottages at it. Although this name as well as the Mill does not appear in the Val. [Valuation] Roll, from the lands being included in that document with the Farm of "Mains of Farnell" it is well known & always used.

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