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CHAPEL OF NEUDOS (Site of) Chapel of Neudos (Site of)
Chapel of Neudos (Site of)
Chapel of Neudos (Site of)
Land of the Lindsays
Mr. Murray, Factor
John Brown, Kirkton
014 The foundation of this building can be easily traced, the track rising about a foot above ground. It has been about 55 feet long and 17 broad. A stone basin, said to be the font, and now considerably mutilated lies a short distance from its West end. The Burying ground in which it is situated is still used.
"The date of the grant of lands in the parish of Neudos to the Knights" (of St. John of Jerusalem) "is unknown, but the parish was in the diocese of St. Andrew's, and paid an annual to that Cathedral of four marks Scots, The thick, closely cemented foundations of the Church, are still traceable in the Kirkyard, which is yet used for interments, and the baptismal font, of an octagonal shape, is broken in twain, and used as grave marks, ....The precise time of its" (Neudos') "Union with Edzell has not been ascertained, but it cannot be much short of 200 years, since about that time the first notice occurs of the inhabitants attending the Kirk of Edzell in this quaint, but satisfactory record: "Given to Andrew, the minister's man, for putting ye [the] people of Newdosk over the watter in a coble 20s. [£1.0.0] Par. Reg. [Parish Register] Jany. [January] 1662'".
Jarvise's Land of the Lindsays p. [page] 22 - 24

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Co. [County] Forfar & Kincardine -- Parish of Edzell

The latest notice of Neudos as an independent cure
occurs in the Register of Ministers of 1567 when
together with Fordoun and Fettercairn &c
Though now known as Balfour the whole district
was anciently designed as the thanedom of Newdos or as
more recently written, as Newdoskis or Newdosk &c.
Land of the Lindsays P [Page] 23[-4]

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