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EASSIE AND NEVAY Eassie and Nevay
Eassie and Nevay
Eassie and Nevay
Eassie and Nevay
Eassie and Nevay
Eassie as a parish Nevay as a parish
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037; 043 The Parish of Eassie and Nevay is in the Presbytery of Meigle, Synod of Angus and Mearns. These united parishes are bounded on the east by Glamis parish, on the north by Airlie parish on the south by Newtyle parish in the County of Forfar and on the west by the parish of Meigle in the County of Perth. Almost the whole land of the united parishes is in a high state of cultivation. By the skill and capital of the tenantry, all the waste land has been reclaimed.
There were formerly two places of worship in the United parishes. They were situated at the eastern and western extremities, and are now in ruins. A commodious and elegant new church was built a few years ago, on a site that is centrical for both parishes. An excellent new manse was also built close to the new church. There are two glebes, Eassie Glebe, and Nevay Glebe. When the manse was removed, it was at the same time resolved that these should be an excambion of the old glebes for a new one adjoining the new manse. The persons appointed to inspect and value the ground round the new manse,
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Parish of Eassie and Nevay

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