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Dundee (Burgh) (Continued) [continued from page 5]
the size of the town it contains a very large amount of manufactories chiefly engaged in the manufacture of coarse fabrics made from Flax, Hemp, Tow and Jute. It has six or seven banking establishments. There is a good deal of work done in ship building and several other branches of industry. The town is situated partly in the parish of Dundee and partly in that of Liff and Benvie. With regard to the established church the town is divided into a number Quoad Sacra Districts or parishes having their respective Churches and ministers, but nearly all these Churches with their respective ministers and Elders are nearly on the same footing as if they belonged to Quoad Civilia parishes similar to those of the same class in the City of Edinburgh and some other towns of Scotland. Of the early history of the town very little is known, but from reference to historical events it may be presumed that there was a town here as early as the reign of Alpin King of the Scots who ascended the throne of Scotland in the year 831. In subsequent ages it figured prominently as a place of importance with respect to trade and Commerce, and in modern ages it was involved in or took a very conspicuous part in all the public transactions or events. It was involved in the disasters of the Succession Wars Took a leading part in the Reformation, suffered severely in the wars of the Commonwealth and its inhabitants at the present day are remarkable for a spirit of enterprise as regards Trade Commerce, &c,

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