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Site of EARL OF CRAWFORD'S HOUSE AND CHAPEL Site of Earl of Crawford's House and Chapel
Site of Earl of Crawford's House and Chapel
Site of Earl of Crawford's House and Chapel
Robert Gray Esqr. Earls Inn
Mr. Charles Rogers
Mr. James Thomson
054 [Situation] On the NW. [North West] side of Yeaman Shore
The Earl of Crawford's House was situated on the ground between Yeaman's Shore and the Nethergate. Mr. Gray the propr. [proprietor] of the house called Earls Inn asserts that his house is built on the site of it. Whilst Mr. Thomson states that Earls Inn occupies part of the site only, and Mr. Rogers is of opinion that it stood somewhat nearer to the Nethergate, that is, between Earls Inn and the Nethergate. In a report on the extinct Title of Duke of Montrose lately claimed by the Earl of Crawford and Balcarres, the writer in acknowledging the service rendered by R. Gray Esqr. of Earls Inn during the research made for documents &c., to establish the claim, incidintly remarks "Robert Gray owner of the site and relics of the ancient Palace of the Earls of Crawford". Mr. Gray further states that he saw foundations of the ancient building frequently dug up nearby adjoining his house - within the house of the Earls of Crawford
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