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FRANCISCAN NUNNERY (Remains of) [Dundee] Franciscan Nunnery (remains of)

Convent of the nuns of St. Clare
Convent of Franciscan nuns or Grey Sisters
Convent of the nuns of St. Clare
Mr. William Sime 57 Overgate
Thomson's Hist. [History] of Dundee
Mr. William Inglis Teacher Episcopal School
Fullarton's Gazetteer.
Mr. C. Innes's Report
The yellow Frigate, by Grant
054 [Situation] At the NW [North West] end of Methodist Close
An ancient and delapidated building, irregular in form and closely surrounded by ruinous tenements & dwellings, situated to the North of Methodist Close with Entrance from Barrack St.
It presents no peculiar Architectural features having been so altered & modernised from time to time that little remains to indicate its early origin. The upper storeys have been divided & partitioned off into different suites of rooms which are let as "flats" & the lower or basement storey on the North side is used as a schoolroom & for a public meeting room, this having formerly been the Chapel of the Nunnery. Nothing can be gleaned respecting the date of foundation or erection
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