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Supposed Site of ROYAL PALACE AND MINT [Dundee] Supposed Site of Royal Palace and Mint
Supposed Site of Royal Palace and Mint
Supposed Site of Royal Palace and Mint
Mr. Charles Rogers Librarian Dundee Library
Mr. James Thomson Author of History of Dundee
William Tyrie Plasterer Bell Street
054 [Situation] At the north end of the Mint Close.
This object stood within the Mint Close. This Close is now nearly closed up by the buildings or houses in Reform Street. Some remains of the Mint were found some years ago. William Tyrie a plasterer who resided in the close at the time says that when the workmen were clearing away the foundations of an old house which had been long occupied as a public Ho. [House] several old fashioned Crucibles & other fragments were dug up from beneath the kitchen of the house. Mr. Charles Rogers also saw these remains found and he states that he had long a silver groat in his possession which was found in the place and which he describes as a coin of Robert I There was also a piece of oak wood found in the place of which Mr. Rogers has made a set of bed posts and which he considers to have been originally used in striking the impression on the coins.

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