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CAMPERDOWN LAND on the Site of OUR LADY WARKSTAIRS Camperdown Land on the site of our Lady Warkstairs
Camperdown Land on the site of our Lady Warkstairs
Mr. Young. Tailor & Clothier High St.
Mr. Mills Jeweller High St.
054 [Situation] At the W. [West] end of the High Street
A large building 4 storeys high the lower storey of which is occupied as Shops the upper Storeys are dwelling houses occupied chiefly by mechanics This house was built the year that the Battle of Camperdown was fought which gave rise to the name. On the site of it was formerly an Old wooden fronted house which appears to have the name of Our Lady Warkstairs. In Thomson's History of Dundee he appears to allude to the house immediately adjoining this one on the west as Our Lady Warkstairs but Mr. Young who is proprietor of the Corner house states that in his Title deeds that his own property is described as the Old Tolbooth, and the property on the west of it is called Our Lady Warkstairs which refered to the Old house previous to the building of Camperdown Land

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