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[Birthplace of first Duchess of Monmouth, General Monk's Headquarters]
"On the opposite side of the gorge of the Overgate Stands an old house fronting the High Street,
having a flat-capped turret at its north-­east angle. This building was once connected with the erections
used as the Council Chambers and other public offices after the town [House] in the Seagate was deserted,
and before the vestry of St. Cle­ment's Church was applied to these [uses]. In this house also about
the year 1650, was born Anne in her own right Countess of Buccleuch and afterwards by marriage
with the ill-fated Duke of Monmouth the first Duchess of Buccleuch and Monmouth. It was also the
head quarters of General Monk after he captured the town in 1651. Within the present century part
of it was long occupied as an upholstery warehouse at a later period it contained Writing Chambers and
it is now applied to various purposes." Thomson's History of Dundee p. [page] 154

See also further remarks on the above house in page 40 of this book

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