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Site of WHITEHALL PALACE Site of Whitehall Palace Mr. C. Rogers Dundee Library
Thomson's Hist. [History] of Dundee
Mr. John Plumber Whitehall Close
054 [Situation] In Whitehall Close on the southern side of the Nethergate
The ancient Palace of Whitehall was situated off the South side of the Nethergate from which its site & remains of the West wall is now approached by a close known as "Whitehall Close" There is nothing now remaining to shew the extent of the original building or to indicate its character & the only remnants of the structure are those described in the History of Dundee by Thomson as follows: "A few yards East of Coutie's Wynd, within a long dirty narrow Court called Whitehall there existed until a very few years ago, the remains of a very strong vaulted building" * * * * "in which Queen Mary, James VI & his grandson Charles II
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