List of names as written Various modes of spelling Authorities for spelling Situation Description remarks
GELLATLY'S CLOSE Gellatly's Close Painted over Entrance
Mr. J. Fulton - Town Surveyor
054 [Situation] On the north side of Nethergate and east side of South Tay Street
A narrow passage leading from the North side of the Nethergate to a few delapidated dwelling houses occupied by laboring men and also to a small patch of garden ground situated on the N.E [North East] side of the close.
SEA WYND Sea Wynd Painted on Street Corner
Edward's Plan of Dundee 1846
Dundee Directory 1856-7
Dr. [Doctor] Duncan Sea Wynd
054 [Situation] Extending from Nethergate to Yeaman Shore
A short and narrow street extending Southward from the Nethergate to Yeaman Shore It is paved & lighted with gas and apparently kept clean
SEA CLOSE Sea Close Painted over entry
Mr. J.C. Parker Druggist &c Nethergate
Dundee Directory 1856-7
054 [Situation] Extending from Nethergate to Yeaman Shore
A narrow passage leading from the Nethergate Southwards to Yeaman Shore. It is a tortuous and dirty thoroughfare communicating also with Rennie's Close which is situated on its East side

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