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ST JOHN'S FREE CHURCH Free St. John's Church
Free St. John's Church
Dundee directory
Revd. [Reverend] Mr. Laird
054 [Situation] On the east side of Small's Wynd
A plainly built church. It has no galleries. Number of sittings 1004, among which are no free seats. The charge for the several sittings range from 1/- [£0.1.0] to 5/- [£0.5.0] per annum The Revd. [Reverend] Mr. Laird is Minister; his income is derived from the sustentation fund. Number of Communicants About 750
Dundee directory
Edwards Plan of Dundee.
054 [Situation] On the east side of Small's Wynd, a little north of St John's Free Church.
A small neat house, two storeys high, and built of freestone. A vegetable garden and a small tract of ornamental ground are attached. It is the residence & property of John Robertson
WESTFIELD AVENUE [Dundee] Westfield Avenue
Westfield Avenue
Dundee directory
Street sign
054 [Situation] Leading southward from Perth Road
A narrow dirty lane, lighted at nights by one lamp, extending from Perth Road to the south, and terminating near Westfield House. No dwelling houses open into it
WESTFIELD FACTORY (Hessians) Westfield Factory
Westfield Factory
Peter McGregor Manager
Mr. Fulton, town-surveyor
054 [Situation] On the east side of Westfield Avenue
A small factory in which are employed between 30 & 40 hands, at the weaving of Common sheetings or Hessians. The weaving is carried on by power looms, driven entirely by steam. PeterMcGregor is the manager, & proprietor Peter Balfour.

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St. John's Free Church [note]
Seats for 1004

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