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Hermon Hill
Mrs. Kimmond
Edwards Map of Dundee
Mr. Fulton, Town Surveyor
Dundee directory
054 [Situation] Midway between Springfield and Hawkhill Place
A handsome house, three storeys high and built of freestone. Attached are a vegetable garden, and a small tract of ornamental ground. It is the residence of Mrs. Kimmond, and property of David Miln's trustees
Edwards map of Dundee
Street sign
Dundee directory
054 [Situation] North side of Perth Road
A wide street extending north from Perth Road. It is well paved, clean, and supplied with gas lamps. On each side is a range of handsome houses, three storeys high, with railed in areas in front Tenanted by respectable families, and the property of various persons.
WELL ROAD [Dundee] Well Road
Well Road
Dundee directory
Street sign
054 [Situation] Leading south from Hawkhill to Hawkhill Place
A long, narrow, and dirty lane extending south from Hawkhill, lighted by one lamp. No dwellings houses open into it. A turn at its south end connects it with Hawkhill Place.

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