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HEATHFIELD FACTORY (Carpeting, Sacking &c) Heathfield Factory
Heathfield Factory
Mr. James Neish Proprietor
Mr. James Mill Foreman
054 [Situation] On the north side of Hawkhill
A large establishment for manufacturing of Jupe, & mannilla Carpets and also that of Sackcloth or Sacking & Cocoa Matting. Machinery is used in the winding room and is propelled by steam engine of 16 horse power. 200 persons are employed in the works. The proprietors are Messrs. Neish & Co. [Company]
Heathfield Lane
Street Sign
Dundee directory
054 [Situation] On the north side of Hawkhill
A narrow lane leading off Hawkhill along it are several dwelling houses tenanted by families employed in the adjoining factory.
Balfour Street
Revd. [Reverend] William Stevenson
David Wallace. - Schoolmaster
054 [Situation] On the south of Hawkhill.
A short new Street branching south off Hawkhill. On its western side are the grounds belonging to the Reformed Presbyterian Church and that of St. Johns Sessional School.

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