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SOUTH MILL (Flax Spinning) South Mill
South Mill
Mr. Scrmgeour manager
Mr. Maxwell
054 [Situation] On the east side of Session Street
A large establishment on the east side of Session St. for Spinning flax. There are about 100 persons employed. The machinery is propelled by two steam engines of 30 horse power. The proprietor is William Brown.
TAY STREET MILL (Flax Spinning &c) Tay Street Mill
Tay Street Mill
Alexander Maxwell Manager
Dundee Directory
054 [Situation] At the north end of Henderson's Wynd.
A large manufactory for the spinning of flax, jute, & tow. The machinery is propelled by 3 Steam Engines jointly of 100 horse power. The number of hands employed is 300. The proprietors are Charles Chalmers and Co. [Company]

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