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RAILWAY STATION [South Union Street, Dundee] Railway Station Mr. Mackison, Town Surveyor 054 This name applies to a large building having its front, facing South Union Street at the point where Dock Street intersects with the above named Street. the front of the Station extends about 3 chains and this portion of the building is used for the Company's Offices, Waiting Rooms &c. the building extends back about 5 Chains and is Composed of two well built walls with iron pillars Springing up from the ground on the inside and alongside the walls and with the latter Support the roof which is Composed of Glass with iron rods Spanning the building from either Side. the roof is in the formation of a half Circle, this Station is only of recent Construction and is used for the Traffic of the Perth & Dundee Railway and is built on nearly the Same Site as the former one. the Front portion of the building is Slated. the whole being in good repair, the property of the Caledonian Railway Company.

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