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TAY SQUARE U.P. [United Presbyterian] CHURCH MISSION SCHOOL Tay Square U.P. [United Presbyterian] Church Mission School Mr. Mackison, Town Surveyor 054 This name applies to a Male School Situated adjacent to the Westend Academy. the School is in Connection with the U.P. [United Presbyterian] Church and is Support by the Congregation of the Tay Square U.P. [United Presbyterian] Church. the branches of Education taught are the ordinary. the Staff consists of one Master. the School is Slated and in good repair the property of the above named congregation.
ST PATRICK'S CATHOLIC YOUNG MEN'S HALL St. Patricks Catholic Young Mens Hall Mr. Mackison 054 This name applies to a building adjacent to the above School. and is used as an Evening School. With recreation Rooms, and Ball Court for the use of the Youths of Catholic Persuation and is maintained by Subscriptions and Members Fees, the ordinary branches of Education are taught in the School by the different Clergymen in turn, the building is Slated and in good repair. the property of St. Patricks Catholic Young Mens Association

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