List of names as written Various modes of spelling Authorities for spelling Situation Description remarks
KINNAIRD WORKS (Jute, Sacking &c) Kinnaird Works (Jute, Sacking &c.) James Stewart & Bros. [Brothers] 054 This name is applied to works situated between Ogilvie's Rd. & Lawson Place for the manufacture of Sacking &c. &c. The property of James Stewart & Brothers - The building are new one storey high brick & stone. Average hands employed 72. Engine 14 Horse power
ROSEBANK WORKS (Jute, Sacking &c) Rosebank Works (Jute Sacking &c.) 054 This name applies to works situated in Rosebank Road manufacture Sacking &c. the building are part old & new one & two storeys in good repair. Average hands employed Hand Loom & Power Loom 140. Engine 12 Horse Power

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