List of names as written Various modes of spelling Authorities for spelling Situation Description remarks
FIFESHIRE TAVERN [Dundee] Fifeshire Tavern Written over Entrance
Mrs. J. Young occupant
Mr. William Ferrier 3 Craig Stt.
054 [Situation] At the junction of West Dock St. and Craig Street
This name is applied to the basement or ground floor of a four storey house situated at the South East corner of Craig and West Dock Streets.
It is licensed for the sale of Spirits, Ale & Porter and is in the occupation of Mrs. J. Young
WEST DOCK STREET [Dundee] West Dock Street Mr. R. Sutherland 15 West Dock Stt.
Written on Street Corners
Mrs. J. Young Fifeshire Tavern
Dundee Directory 1856-7
054 [Situation] Extends from Dock Street to the east end of Craig Street.
A straight wide Street extending Southwards from Dock Street to the East End of Craig Street & leading to West protection Wall The houses on its West Side are four storeys high and the East side lies open to Earl Grey Dock

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