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TOWN WALL [Dundee] Town Wall Mr. James Scott Town Archtt. [Architect]
Mr. Kettles. Manager of "The Houff" Constn. [Constitution] Road
New Statistical Acct: [Account]
054 [Situation] At the NE. [North East] and S E [South East] side of the Houff or Old Burial Ground.
Nearly all the historical records of Dundee agree in representing the Town as having been doubly walled, for the purpose of defence, on the West, North & East sides, but the precise date of the construction of this work does not appear to be satisfactorily determined. That it was so defended however is sufficiently clear from the existence to the present day of a portion of the outer wall extending along the South & part of the East sides of the old burying ground or Houff - & which present traces of great antiquity. The portions still entire show the wall to have been from twelve to fourteen feet in height and of considerable thickness, but of very indifferent workmanship being for the greater part dry built,
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