List of names as written Various modes of spelling Authorities for spelling Situation Description remarks
DRYING GREEN [Constition Road] Bleaching Green (Public) Edward's Plan of Dundee 1846
Dundee Directory
Mr. J. Fulton Surveyor
Mr. James Kelly - Manager
054 [Situation] On the western side of Constitution Road.
A large park or field enclosed within stone walls and extending North and South from Somerville Place to the road to Dudhope Barracks and East and West from the Newtyle Railway to Constitution Road. It is used as a public bleaching green by the inhabitants and contains washing houses and other conveniences for the use of which the public pay a small fee - It is the property of the Town Council of Dundee and is managed by Mr. James Kelly.
CONSTITUTION ROAD [Dundee] Constitution Road Edward's Plan of Dundee 1846
Dundee Directory
Painted on Street Corners
Mr. J. Fulton Surveyor
054 [Situation] Extending from Somerville Place to Constitution Street.
A straight & well formed Street extending Northward from Barrack Street to Somerville Place & Constitution Street. Along its east side are many elegant & well built Houses & Villas with gardens attached - the houses being of 3 & 4 storeys high & the property of various parties
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Drying Green [note]
Drying Green is the proper designation to be written to this object
Bleaching Green as recommended by the authorities would imply
a place where new linen is bleached

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