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STONE COFFINS OR KISTVAENS (Found Here) [North North East of Dundee Law] Stone Coffins found here
Stone Coffins found here
Mr. George Barrie Lawton (Tenant)
Mr. R. Leighton Ballfield
054 [Situation] About 7/8 mile N N E [North North East] of the Summit of Dundee Law
Over a large portion of the field lying on the East side of the Road shown on this Trace several stone Coffins or "Kistvaens" have from time to time been found in draining and other farming operations, as well as large quantities of human bones. One of the former having been cut through in making the road itself now lies partly exposed on the East side, projecting from the side of the bank. They appear generally to lie near to the surface, not exceeding from 20 to 24 Inches from it, & are scattered in various directions. Upon being opened they have been found to contain nothing more than a small confused mass of indescribable matter, sometimes mixed with soil &c. In one instance however which occurred
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Town of Dundee -- Sheet 54. 5 No. 7 Trace No. 3

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