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PILOT OFFICE AND SIGNAL LIGHTHOUSE [New Tide Harbour, Arbroath] Lighthouse
Bailie Johnston, Shore.
Plan of Arbroath,
Thomas Dawson, Light Keeper,
046 [Situation] At the south end of the New Tide Harbour
This name applies to a Lighthouse situated on the South West of the Docks. There is a Pilot Office in connection with it.
This small building consists of Two stories high the lower part is the Pilot Office. In the upper part or storey is kept a light at night time for signals for the harbour, only, a fixed white light is exibitted which betokens danger for vessels to enter or showing that there is not sufficient depth of water in the harbour, and a fixed red light is exhibited when there is sufficient depth. During the day time signals are exihitted by means of a flag staff with flag and ball by which the depth of water in the harbour is made known to vessels within sight. This flag staff stands close to the above building, these are superintended by a deputy pilot master and they belong to the harbour Trustees.

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Town of Arbroath-- Sheet 46.15 No.14 Trace 5

As the light here is used for signals only, it is therefore a Signal Lighthouse, and the lower part being a Pilot Office. Therefore Pilot Office, and Signal Lighthouse to be written on Plan J. C.

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