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Site of DARN GATE Site of Darn Gate
Site of Darn Gate
Darn Yett
Mr. David Miller, Writer
Mr. A. Brown, East Abbey Street
Hand-book of the Abbey 1852
New Stat. Acct. [Statistical Account]
046 [Situation] On the west side of Hays Lane, near its South end
This place was pointed out by Mr. D. Miller Writer as the site of a Gate in the Abbey Wall called the Darn Yett or Darn Gate which is said to have been a private entrance into the precincts of the Abbey, or Abbey grounds. It stood in what is now called Hays Lane.

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Town of Arbroath -- Sheet 46.15 No. 4 Trace 3

At the south-east corner there stood a small tower, with a postern called the "Darn Yett". this was the
private entrance into the Abbey - the word "darn" implying such. Above the postern according to tradition was
an apartment where the Catechumens were examined but which by another version was the place where the
[R]ostiarius or gate keeper resided.
Bremnar's Hand book of the Abbey. 1852.

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