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Goatmilk Hills
Goatmilk Hills
Goatmilk Hills
Mr. Leslie
Mr. Wilson Senr. [Senior]
Mr. Wilson Junr. [Junior]
Mr. Downy
023 [Situation] 1 Mile S.S.W. [South South West] of Leslie.
Two small rough hills part of which are planted with mixed Fir and Forest trees.
The New Stat. Acct. [Statistical Account] has it that "Goatmilk Hill constituted one of the
links in the chain of Danish Forts which
Stretched from Fifeness to Stirling. While
those positions were occupied by the invaders a Mill was erected on the Leven which retains the name of Mill-danes"
I have consulted Mr. Wilson Senr. [Senior] the Revd. [Reverend] Mr. Nicol and Mr. Downy about the remains of Danish Forts or other works on Goatmilk Hills, they all think it probable that the Danes encamped there but none of them heard of any works. I walked over every part of the ground carefully myself, along with Mr. Leslie the occupier, and could not discover any work. Mr. Leslie was born on the farm and never heard of anything of the sort. Mention is made of the Danes being encamped on both sides of the Leven when those in the Northern Camp were attacked by the Scotch, defeated and many drowned in the River before those encamped on the South side could render them any assistance. I have made particular inquiry about the site of this Battle but no one that I have met with would undertake to point out.
M. Kinsela C.Asst [Civilian Assistant]

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