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Site of CROSS [Ingrie] Cross of Ingrie
Site of Cross
Site of Cross
Site of Cross
New Stat. Acct. [Statistical Account]
Mr. Downie
Mr. Lowe Mercht. [Merchant] Leslie
Mr. Pride
023 [situation] ¾ Mile N.W. by W. [North West by West] of Leslie.
This name applies to the site of Cross, situated about 3 Chains East of the present farm house of Ingrie, On this spot (prior to the present farm house) stood the old farm steading of Ingrie. A short distance South of this in a stone fence on the roadside," is a large stone about 2½ feet square. there is a hollow in the top of it supposed to have been used for holding water for baptism. Mr Lowe told me that Leslie Markets were formerly held in a field adjoining this stone, and he thinks that the hollow in it, had probably been the socket in which the Cross had been fixed." (Signed) John Waddell C.Asst [Civilian Assistant]

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Plan 23B Leslie Parish

"Ingrie is Eglise-an-ri. The Kings Chapel. No
vestige of this religious establishment now
remains, except the name and the fount
for baptism or holy water, now standing in
the dyke, on the North side of the road,
immediately below the Old farm steading,
where formerly stood the Cross, and still
so called by the older natives, the
Cross of Ingrie to this day."
New Stat. Acct. [Statistical Account]

Note: The site of this Chapel cannot be pointed out by any of the inhabitants in the locality. (Signed) J. Waddell C. Asst [Civilian Assistant]

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