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LESLIE [village] Leslie
Revd. [Reverend] Mr. Nicol
Mr. Wilson Senr. [Senior]
Mr. Wilson Junr. [Junior]
Mr. Young
023 [Situation] On the N. [North] side of the River Leven.
A large Village on the road between Kinross and Markinch. It has one principal street extending nearly East and West along the top of a ridge, with gardens and smaller streets along the Northern and Southern slopes of the ridge. the inhabitants are chiefly Weavers and people employed in the numerous Mills and Bleachfields in the vicinity of the village, It contains a Parish Church and School, a Free Church two United Presbyterian Churches, Several Manses a Private School an Inn a Post Office and several small Public and Licenced Houses for the sale of Spririts. there is also a Common for the use of the inhabitants generally. The Village is divided into the Old Town and the New Town. In the Old Town the Street is Crooked and the houses old and irregularly built, in the New Town the Streets are straight and the houses more uniform and regular. There is no Market and the Village is what is called a Burgh of Barony. It has Bailies who act as local Magistrates and Town Councillors. the Charter was from an Earl of Rothes, who has the Baronial rights of the District.

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33 Plan 23B Leslie Parish

In the New Stat. Acct. [Statistical Account] mention is made that "Brass or rather bell-metal Swords have been found, Roman
and Caledonian battle - Axes the latter of Stone: flint Arrow-heads of particular fine workmanship. The Honble. [Honourable] Mrs.
Douglas of Strathendry has some of these and one head of a Spear which seems to have belonged to a Standard.
"To this day many of the Knowes are distinguished by particular names as the Gallant Knowe etc. It is thought
that at the Western part of the Parish is the place where the Caledonians disputed with the Romans the passage [continued]

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