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List of names as written Various modes of spelling Authorities for spelling Situation Description remarks
POW BURN River Pow
River Pow
River Pow
Pow Burn
Frasers Co. [County] Map
Dr. [Doctor] Young
Mr. Archibald
Mr. Lawrie Borland Smithy
Mr. Peter Craig
Mr. Robert Gentle Mawmill
021 [situation] Running S. [South] Westerly Passing at a distance the N. [North] side of Seedy Hill.
A small stream which gathers nearly 35 chains N. [North] of Seedy Hill, takes a S.W. [Southwesterly] direction to Pow, & thence to Powmill, where it crosses the Dunfermline and Rumbling bridge Road, passes on the North side of Dronshaw & soon after discharges itself into the Devon.
Seedy Hill
Seedy Hill
Bell's Co. [County] Map
Robert Garland
John Miller
021 [situation] About 2 Miles S.W. [Southwest] of Drum.
A small conical hill, chiefly formed of Whinstone rock rising abruptly from a plain surface, is covered with a young plantation on the summit is a Trigl. [Trigonometrical] Station.

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35 Parish of Cleish

[Note - Pow Burn] Burn, is invariably used to small mountain streams throughout Scotland [initialled, Illegible]
[Note - Pow Burn] Pow A slow moving rivulet. Jameson.
[Note - Pow Burn, Authorities] See Name Book for 30A

Ph. [Parish] of Cleish: Cleish: Ph. [Parish] of Cleish: See Plan 29B [situation] In the Co. [County] of Fife. For the descriptive remarks of this parish see Name Book for Plan 29B

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