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Devils Mill continued from page [blank] "The Devils Miln lies highest up the River, and about an English mile below the present Church of Fossaway. It is formed by the water falling over a small cascade, into a cavity made in the rock below. Here is heard all the noise peculiar to a great body of water falling upon a Miln wheel, and driving it round with great velocity and force. In the cavity below, the water is continually tossed round with great violence, and constantly beating on the sides of the rock. From this it happens that a noise similar to the sound made by a going Miln, is distinctly heard, when the water has force enough by its quantity, to beat the rock violently; and when it is not so high, as to cover the cavity altogether. As this Miln, according to the country phrase goes Sunday and Saturday, it is from this circumstance, called the Devil's Miln." Old Stat. Acct. [Statistical Account]

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