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TOWER CellardyKe Tower
CellardyKe Tower
Mr. Bridges Schoolmaster CellardyKe
Mr. Gourly Printer Anstruther
See N. [Name] Book Plan 20C
027 [Situation] North Side of Cellardyke.
A small square building at the East end of Cellardyke, used by Fishermen as a landmarK for Steering on when entering the Harbour of CellardyKe.
SCHOOL (For Infants) [Cellardyke] Infant School
Infant School
Mr. Bridges Schoolmaster Cellardyke
Mr. Gourly Printer, Anstruther
027 [Situation] North side of CellardyKe.
A well constructed house on the North side of CellardykK, used as a school house where Children of both sexes are taught reading, writing And a little Arithmetic. The school is under the Superintendence of the Revd. [Reverend] Mr. DicKson of Kilrenny, And is Supported by a Committee of Ladies. The Average Number of Children in attendance are from 50 to 60. The teacher is a Miss Grieve, who receives 20 pounds per Annum for her instructions.

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93 Parish of Kilrenny 2 Feet Scale Anstruther

[Note - School for Infants] School (for Infants) to be written in conformity with the system hitherto observed in the case of School (for Girls) School (for Boys), etc.

Skinfast Haven: Skinfast Haven:Skinfast Haven: See Name Book Plan 20A [situation] Near East End of Cellardyke: For Descriptive Remarks see Name Book for Plan 20A

[signed] John Early ca [Civilian Assistant]

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