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Caldies Burn
CellardyKe Burn
Mr. Fowler. Merchant CellardyKe.
Mr. Scott. Merchant CellardyKe
Act of Parliament
027 [Situation] Crosses East End of East Green.
A small Stream or drain rising on the north side of Anstruther Easter, and running Southwards, dividing the burgh of Anstruther Easter from Cellardyke. There is no water flowing here except during rainy weather.
The bed of Caldies Burn forms the boundary between Cellardyke and Anstruther Easter, as well as the Ph. [Parish] Boundary between the latter and Kilrenny from where it Crosses "Back Road" till it enters the sea.

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Ph. of Kilrenny Plan 27A Trace 2. 3 Chain Scale.

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