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CHURCH [parish] Church
Mr. F. Conolly Chesterhill
Alexander McDougall Parish School
Mr. Gourlay Anster [Anstruther] Easter
027 [situation] West side of the Harbour.
This Church is situated at the Easter extremity of the Burgh. It is a small and plain edifice, with tower and steeple surmounted by a fish. In the steeple are a clock and bell. On the South side of the Church is a stone with the following inscription "Anno 1598, My.house.is.the. hous.of.prayer."
The number of sittings in the Church is 235 - the number of Communicants 100, and the attendance generally good. The present Minister is the Revd. [Reverend] Hugh Scott - adjoining the Church is the Church Yard. In which are a great many slab tomb stones bearing dates of 17th Century.
"The Church is very conveniently situated for the greater part of the population being built in the burgh where the bulk of the people reside. It may be nearly two miles from the north west corner of the parish but there is no inhabited house so remote as that. There does not appear to be any record as to the period when it was built but from the style of its architecture it must have existed a considerable time previous to the reformation. It was roofed in 1761 and has been frequently repaired at considerable expense by the heritors. At present it is in tolerable order. From its situation almost on the sea shore and on the bank of the Dreel it is liable to be damp and cold in winter a stove however has just been erected in it which will add much to its comfort. The number of seats is fully beyond that required by law and they afford accommodation for all the parishioners who are able to attend public worship. " Stat. Acct. [Statistical Account] of C. [County] Fife 1845 page 625

"The parish church appears to be a very ancient building from the remains of a large choir and the Gothic structure of the Steeple. It was new roofed in the year 1751" Old Stat. Acct. [Statistical Account] vol. [Volume] 3 page 81

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