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Anstruther Wester
Anstruther Wester
West Anstruther
Mr. M. F. Conolly Chesterhill
Alexander McDougall Parish School
Mr. Gourlay Anster [Anstruther] Easter
Johnston's Co. [County] Map
027 [Situation] In the Eastern Portion of the County of Fife.
This is the Burghal part of the Parish of the Same Name. It Consists of a Main Street with lanes branching from it. The houses are of various heights - And occupied for the Most part by the proprietors - who are generally engaged in the fisheries for which the Burgh has obtained a local Celebrity. The Streets are Clean and the Burgh is lighted with Gas - And well Supplied with water In the Burgh Are the Parish Church & School - And the Town House - the Burgh as a Corporation was disfranchised in 1853 - And its affairs Are Managed by three persons appointed by the Court of Session. It is included in the St. Andrews district of Burghs in returning a Member to Parliament.

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58 Parish of Anstruther Wester.

[Note] From the present constitution of the Burgh it may be regarded as a Burgh of Barony of which the Court of Sessions acts as Baron and therefore the boundary of his jurisdiction is marked by the old municipal boundary. it is also a Royal Burgh including a district West of the Town which is included in the St. Andrews District according to the Reform Act of 1832.

[signed] James Ireland c/a [Civilian Assistant] 26th August 1853

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