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James Welch Bailie Pittenweem
James Rogers Pittenweem
Stat. Acct. [Statistical Account] 1845
027 [Situation] Adjoining the East Shore.
A natural Cavern on the East side of Cove Wynd extending to the distance of About 30 or 40 yards, at the extremity of which is a Small well of fresh water, which is apparently formed by the dropping of the water from the top of the Cave, And Can only Contain about an imperial Gallon. About midways betwixt the Mouth of the Cave And its extremity is a passage leading to the left And seemingly artificial, which is said to extend as far as the Priory.
" A little below the priory in the direction of the Sea beach is a large cave with two apartments in one of which is a well of excellent water. Where the two apartments join there is a Stone Stair which led up to a Subterranean passage that Communicated with the priory by another Stair. The two Stairs Still are to be Seen but the passage which must have been about fifty yards in length has been obliterated by the falling down of the Superincumbent earth." Stat. Acct. [Statistical Account] 1845

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