Fife and Kinross-shire volume 75

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OS1/13/75/1 [Page] 1 Parish of Inverkeithing -- 39C Names of Objects -- Pages Ph. [Parish] of Inverkeithing -- 3 Bruce Haven -- 4 Craigmurmur -- 4 Du Craig -- 3 Rosyth Foundry -- 4 Rosyth -- 4 St. Margaret's Hope -- 3 Bimar -- 4a Limpet Ness -- 4a
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OS1/13/75/3 ST MARGARET'S HOPE St Margaret's Hope St Margaret's Hope St Margaret's Hope St Margaret's Hope St Margaret's Bay or Hope St Margaret's Bay or Hope St Margaret's Bay St Margaret's Hope Mr Pringle Ferry Barns Mr Grant. Inverkeithing Mr Fraser Inverkeithing Fraser's Map of Fife &c New Stat. Acct [Statistical Account] Old Stat. Acct [Statistical Account] Sibbald's Fife & Kinross Full. [Fullarton's] Gazetteer. 039 [situation] About 8 chains SE [South East] of Rosyth Castle A small Bay on the North side of the Firth of Forth, and between Rosyth Castle and Long Craig, so called from the Princess of that name (afterwards Queen of Malcolm III) having landed there, in her flight from England.
OS1/13/75/3 DU CRAIG Du Craig Du Craig Du Craig Du Craig Craigdhu Craigdhu Chalmers His [History] of Dunfermline. Mr Pringle Sibbald's His [History] of Fife Mr Grant Mr Douglas. Craigdhu Mr Fraser 039 [situation] About 65 chains W [West] by South of Rosyth Castle Two large rocky islands in the Firth of Forth, the largest of which is visible above high water. it probably received this name on account of its dark appearance.
OS1/13/75/3 INVERKEITHING Ph [Parish] of Inverkeithing See Plan 39B For Descriptive Remarks of this parish see Name Book for Plan 39B.
OS1/13/75/3 [Page] 3 Plan 39C -- Parish of Inverkeithing St. Margaret's Hope [Note] " Between the North Ferry and Rosyth Castle is St. Margaret's Bay or Hope, so called from the Princess of that name afterwards Queen of Malcolm III. [Third] having in her flight from England landed there." Old Stat. Acct [Statistical Account] Du Craig [Note] Du or Dubh Black or Dark, Gaelic Dictionary.
OS1/13/75/4 BRUCE HAVEN Bruce Haven Bruce Haven Bruce Haven Brucehaven Brucehaven Brucehaven Mr Wilson Revd [Reverend] Mr Johnstone Mr Fogy Johnston's Co. [County] Map New Stat Acct [Statistical Account] Old Stat. Acct [Statistical Account] 039 [situation] on the South side of Limekilns Village A small Harbour at the Eastern extremity of the Village of Limekilns It is so Called from the family name of the Earl of Elgin, and is used for shipping lime, and by Fishing boats.
OS1/13/75/4 CRAIGMURMUR Craigmurmur Craigmurmur Craigmurmur Craig Murmur Mr Fraser His [History] of Dunfermline (Chalmers) Mr Pringle Gellatly's Map 039 [situation] about 1/2 a mile SE [South East] of Rosyth Foundry A small longditudinal rock, entirely covered at high water. situated in St Margaret's Hope. So called from the noise made by the sea beating against it
OS1/13/75/4 ROSYTH FOUNDRY (Iron) Rosyth Foundry Iron Rosyth Foundry Iron Rosyth Foundry Iron Mr Fraser Mr Pringle Mr Grant 039 [sit[situation] 65 chains E [East] by N [North] of Du Craig A small Iron Foundry on the North bank of the Firth of Forth. in the occupation of Mr. John Angus, So called from its proximity to Rosyth Castle
OS1/13/75/4 ROSYTH [district] Rosyth Rosyth Rosyth Rosyth Plan of Farm Mr Thomas Mitchel (orchardhead) Mr Thomas Thomson (Hilton) Gellatleys Map 039 An extensive district of good land comprising four Farms. It was the estate formerly attached to Rosyth Castle, it still bears the name.
OS1/13/75/4 [Page] 4 Plan 39C -- Parish of Inverkeithing. Rosyth [Note] Is said to be from the Gaelic and to denote a tongue of land Old Stat. Acct. [Statistical Account]
OS1/13/75/4A BIMAR Bimar Bimar Bimar Bimar Beemer Bimar Island Beemer Chalmer's His. [History] of Dunfermline Fraser's Map of Fife & Kinross Mr William Pringle Ferry Barns Mr Fraser. Town Clerk Inverkeithing Gellatly's Map of the Country 12 Mile round Edinburgh. New. Stat. Acct. [Statistical Account] Johnston's Co. [County] Map 039 [situation] About 75 chains S. [South] of Craigmurmur Rock A small rocky island in the Firth of Forth, on which is a Stone Beacon 27 feet in height and 13 in diameter, as a protection to vessels at high water, when the island is covered.
OS1/13/75/4A LIMPET NESS Limpet Ness Limpet Ness Limpet Ness Limpet Ness Mr Pringle Mr Fraser Mr Grant Inverkeithing Mr Douglas. Craigdhu. 039 [situation] About 40 Chains S.E. [South East] of Rosyth Foundary A small point of land running a short distance into St, Margaret's Hope, and terminating in irregular masses of rock. It receives its name from a shellfish of that name being found on the rocks.
OS1/13/75/4A [Page] 4a Plan 39C -- Parish of Inverkeithing
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OS1/13/75/5 [Page] 5 Parish of Dunfermline Names of Objects -- Pages Ph. [Parish] of Dunfermline -- 8 Goat Rocks -- 7 The Gellet Rock -- 7 Firth of Forth -- 7 Harbour -- 8
OS1/13/75/7 GOAT ROCKS Goat Rocks Goat Rocks Goat Rocks Mr. Fogy. Steward LimeKilns Mr Wilson LimeKilns Rev [Reverend] Mr. Johnstone LimeKilns 039 [situation] between high and low water mark on the South Side of LimeKilns Village A cluster of shelving rocks, at the entrance of LimeKilns Harbour, having a narrow passage between to admit vessels they are entirely covered at high water. and about 3 feet high from the base.
OS1/13/75/7 THE GELLET ROCK The Gellet Rock The Gellet Rock The Gellet Rock Mr Fogy Revd [Reverend] Mr Johnston Mr Stevens Charleston 039 [Situation] about 8 chains W [West] by N [North] of Bruce Haven A large perpendicular limestone rocK on which Stands a Flag Staff, also a Trigl. [Trigonometrical] Station, in the vicinity of Broomhall House
OS1/13/75/7 FIRTH OF FORTH Firth of Forth Firth of Forth Firth of Forth Frith of Forth Revd [Reverend] Mr. Douglas Torry Mr. Fogy Mr Pringle Mr Grant 039 [situation] on the south side of Plan 39C A Inlet of the German Ocean which is navigable for Ships up to Alloa. In which are Several rocky islands. the River Forth discharges itself into this Firth, from where it taKes its name
OS1/13/75/7 [Page] 7 Plan 39C -- Parish of Dunfermline
OS1/13/75/9 [Page] 9 [Volume] 75 OS1/13/75 [Date Stamp] ORDNANCE SURVEY M.S. STORE 26 NOV. [NOVEMBER] 1898 SOUTHAMPTON Co. [COUNTY] FIFE 39,C. Parishes of -- Pages DUNGERMLINE -- 5 INVERKEITHING -- 1