List of names as written Various modes of spelling Authorities for spelling Situation Description remarks
Mr. Adam Topd Tent. [Tenant]
Mr. Phillips Factor
Estate Plans
New Stat. Acct. [Statistical Account]
039 [situation] 1/4 Mile S.E. [South East] of Hillend.
A very excellent Farm, House & Steading on the E. [East] Side of Letham Hill the property of the Right Honble. [Honourable] Earl of Moray
Dyke Stanes
Dyke Stanes
John Mentiplay
William Cunningham Esqr.
Mr Schoolbred Hill-end
039 [situation] About 25 Chains E. [East] of Hillend.
A few Stones, seemingly on an end, on the Summit of Letham Hill There seems to be no reason in doubting their being put up by the "Danes" ? or Druids they appear to be Natural, forming part of a Dyke or fault, in the strata or thrown there by volcanic means
Fordel Railway
Fordel Railway
Mr. Aitkin Coal Agent St. Davids
Mr. Fraser
Estate Maps
039 [situation] Leading fr. [from] St. Davids in a Northerly direction.
A line of Railway between Fordel Colliery & St. Davids expressly made for easy conveyance of minerals for shipment. the property of Genl. [General] Henderson.

Continued entries/extra info

43 Dalgety Parish Trace 5. 39B

[Note - Dyke Stanes] I consider these to be Simply a few Stones on the March or Boundary Dyke - hence the name. J.B.

[Note - Dyke Stanes] I cannot get any authorities that the Danes had places of orship on the heights of Hills. Marked out with stones. as mentioned in the extract received from the office

[Quotations] "Upon the top of Letham hill there are some large stones placed in a circular form, said to have been a Druidical temple." Old Stat. Acct. [Statitsical Account]
"On the top of Letham Hill, there is what is said to be the remains of a Druidical temple. To uninitiated eyes, it appears to be a few blocks of Greenstone, somewhat circularly arranged on the top of a greenstone hill where such loose fragments of the rock below are to be expected." New Stat. Acct. [Statistical Account]

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