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TANNERY [Inverkeithing] Tannery
William Fraser Esqr.
Mr. Arnott.
Mr. Angus
039 [situation] In the E. [East] side of the town of Inverkeithing.
A small Tan Yard on the S. [South] side of Mill Row, at the E. [East] end, joining the Keithing Burn.
PRESTON CRESCENT [Inverkeithing] Preston Crescent
Preston Crescent
Preston Crescent
Rate Book
William Fraser esqr.
Mr. Findlay resident.
039 [situation] Leading S. [South] Easterly form the town of Inverkeithing.
Several new and well built houses with excellent Gardens situate along the East shore of Inverkeithing Inner Bay
ROPE WALK [Inverkeithing] Rope Walk
Rope Walk
Rope Walk
Mr. Findlay
Mr. Ross Tent. [Tenant]
Mr. Fraser
039 [situation] At the S.E. [South East] end of Preston Crescent.
An extensive rope Walk at the back of Preston Crescent and near to the E. [East] Ness

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