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[Page] 36 [Loose Item - Pages 2 & 3 of 4, of a Letter from G. Anderson of "Luscar" to his Factor Mr. Sang of Kirkcaldy regarding changing a name of a property]

[continued from p 35] ..one who is non resident) & they would all be glad to get it changed. Camps is a different property, being itself a feu off Carnock estate. The whole of Goukhall is feued from Clune, and it seems to me were the name changed to Clune-hall, it would be appropriate & very soon come into general use. You mention an application to Capt. [Captain] Baillie, but as I am unknown to that officer, and his address is unknown to me, if you would kindly apply to know if it can be done, or what formality may be required to warrant Capt. B. [Captain Bayly] in doing it, I would gladly attend to it, in order to serve the villagers. Sir Thomas Buchan Hepburn is proprietor of Clune, and if his consent be requisite I think it could be easily got. As the feus I hold are quite detached from the villages and... [continued page 37]

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