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50A Parish of Monimail

[Quotation - source unspecified here but actually Leighton's History of Fifeshire Volume 2 page 123]
"South of Cunoquhie and west of Fernie is Melville house the seat of the right hon. [Honourable] the earl of Leven and Melville. The house was erected in 1692 by George first earl of Melville in the fashion then prevalent in Scotland. It is a large square building consisting of two principal stories and a basement and attic. Two deep projecting wings inclose a court at the original front, the entrance to which is ornamented by winged Mercuries. The front has since been changed, and a new entrance has been made at what was formerly the back elevation, the court is now laid out as a parterre and decorated with shrubs and flowers. The Saloon or hall is forty five feet in length by twenty four in breadth. The park which surrounds Melville House is enriched with a great quantity of noble trees most of which were probably planted when the house was built though some of them may be even more ancient. The old approach is very grand having on each side a double row of beech trees of great height and beauty, this approach however although the trees still remain has now been superseded and the modern winding approach through a richly wooded park has been adopted. The The name of Melville as applied to the grounds around the house is comparatively modern the park and enclosures including portions of the lands of Monimail of Letham and of Halhill."

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