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"The western fort is called the Maiden Castle. A clump of trees planted by the late proprietor Mr. Thomson points out its situation. The tradition as to the origin of this name is that during a siege laid to this station, the governor died, and that his daughter, concealing the event, gave the necessary orders in his name, and that the castle thus defended held out until the enemy was obliged to retire. There is scarcely any thing in the external appearance of the grounds in either of these places that would arrest the attention of an observer unacquainted with these traditions. But in the field adjoining and particularly in the intervening space between these two stations, there are many traces, in the human bones, stone coffins and urns, which from time to time have been dug up, that point out this place to have been at a remote period, the scene of battles and of Sepulture" New Stat: Acct: [Statistical Account] p. 29

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