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25 Parish of Collessie [Header Note] v [Volume] 2 p 109 Leighton [History of Fifeshire]

"This parish exhibits a few antiquities which obviously belong to the ancient Horestic or the Celtic Picts their descendants; A short distance South of the village of Collessie there is a tumulus or Cairn of stones rising about 12 feet above the level of the surrounding ground, and which was no doubt raised over the place of Sepulture of some of the former inhabitants of the district who had fallen in battle either with some of their neighbours or with the Romans at the time of their invasion of Fife under Agricola. On opening this Tumulus some years ago Cistraens composed of large flat stones were found enclosing human bones and a sword much corroded about 18 inches long with one edge adapted for cutting or thrusting. This Tumulus is usually called Gaskhill; and is vulgarly believed to have been a Roman Station although its having been a place of Sepulture is so abundantly obvious. About a quarter of a mile east of the village and within the grounds of Melville is one of those memorial stones." etc. See Leightons Hist. [History] of Fife vol.II [Volume 2] p. 109.

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